Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MFUGE 2011 Day 2

Today was our first day on track and we could not have asked for a greater day!  The sky was a bit overcast, there was a nice breeze, and the temperature was in the upper 70's.  Absolutely perfect to be outside serving God!  My track group spent the day ministering to kids in an apartment complex and we had a blast.  God is definitely working through us and in the lives of our students.  Today's Bible study lesson focused on reaching the lost.  The question asked in Bible study that stayed with me all day was "Who introduced you to Jesus?"  My mom and dad introduced me to Jesus.  As I pondered on that I was overcome with emotion and gratitude toward my parents for this.  As I spent time thinking on it all day I knew it needed to be our main discussion point in church group devotions.  We had a great time discussing this and what we were a part of on our track sites today.  One student shared about how after sensing God calling them into some sort of ministry that she had clearly heard from God tonight!  How exciting it is when God calls His children to follow Him and they listen!  It was definitely a sweet day all around.

A couple of fun notes.  I was one of four youth pastors called on stage for the GLOD (Group Leader of the Day) Games.  After two difficult rounds I was declared the winner!  I won't even explain what I had to do but I know I looked absolutely ridiculous.  Then Brad Bradford was given the "Golden Driver of the Day" award.  The night life tonight was a game show and we were encouraged to dress like our favorite cartoon character.  Mitchell Fox dressed up as Curious George and competed on stage as well.

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