Thursday, June 30, 2011

Connect With Love

This week at Wednesday Night Worship we focused on how we are to all be connected with love.  We spent time in Romans 12:9-18, reading it verse by verse discussing each.  We had a student write on a white board all of the commands from these verses.  We looked at the list of commands and discussed how some are easy, while some are hard.  Some days the whole list is easy as we rely on God for strength.  Other days it is very hard to love those around us.  When we think about all the people we are connected with, if we are not loving each other as we are commanded in these verses then we fall apart.  I challenged the students to consider this thought as next month we will be involved in Younite, our local mission camp. We ended the night with two students holding a rope across the front.  I made up several scenarios of how our group can be disobedient in this area of love and with each I used a knife to make cuts in the rope until it eventually fell apart.  It was then a useless, cut up rope that was laying on the ground.  When we do not follow through on these commands of love then we become useless as a group.  We are unable to be used like we were intended to.  We must stay connected with love.

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