Monday, May 9, 2011

7- Part 4 "Perfection"

Behind on blogging but hopefully will be better at updating.  This past week at Wednesday Night Worship we finished the series called "7- Words From the Cross" looking at the theme of perfection in the words that Jesus spoke.  We focused on the final two things spoken from the cross in John 19:30- "It is finished!" and Luke 23:46- "Father into Your hands I commit My Spirit".  

First we looked at Luke 23:46- "Father into Your hands I commit My Spirit".  Jesus is quoting Psalm 31:5 here.  The beautiful thing we see here is Jesus' willingness to die for us.  He was "committing" His Spirit.  When we commit to doing something, we are doing it willingly and because we want to and not out of obligation.  Jesus was willing to give up His life for you and I.

Next we focused on John 19:30- "It is finished!".  It is important to note that Jesus did not say "I" but "It".  This means the Law had been fulfilled, the price had been paid, and that His sacrifice was perfect and complete.  The Greek verb that John uses here is "tetelastai".  This word would have been used when a person paid off a debt.  The word "tetelestai" would mean and signify that the debt had been paid in full, it was fulfilled, and no other payment was needed.  Jesus' death on the cross was perfect and no other payment is needed to cover our sins.  We only need to accept Him.

This is so important because today there are many people who believe that there are many roads to heaven.  We know that this is completely untrue.  When Jesus said "It is finished", He was essentially putting the exclamation mark on John 14:6 when He said "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me".  Jesus did not say I am a way, but instead said the way.  It is so important to know this truth as we are faced today with a word that believes otherwise.  We finished the night by showing this video from Matt Papa called "It is Finished".

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