Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Morning Randomness 4/4 & Personal Update

Well things in my life have been crazier than normal to say the least and so along with my random thoughts this morning I thought I would give an update as to my lack of posting as of late.  As you know I overloaded school work in order to graduate from seminary because I just want to be done.  So I took 15 hours total (1 three hour course in 1 week in January; 2 8-week 3 hour courses; then another 2 8-week 3 hour courses) to graduate.  If this was not enough already on top of being a full-time youth pastor I receive an email a couple weeks ago letting me know that since I am graduating that all of my coursework must be completed and submitted 2 1/2 weeks earlier than normal.  So this meant that at that point I had 3 1/2 week to essentially complete 9 weeks worth of work for 2 classes (9 weeks because there are 16-week courses condensed into 8 weeks).  If none of that made sense then I apologize because I am not sure how my mind is able to process all of that.  I guess I am letting anyone who reads this know in order to pray for me to get all of this complete and hold on to my sanity and still do my other responsibilities of being a youth pastor.  It is an extremely busy time for me in that area as we are gearing up for our Disciple Now weekend in a few weeks. When I am done with school then I plan on being more active on this blog again and hopefully be better at sharing my heart and give any insight or encouragement for your life.  So here are my random thoughts for this Monday morning.


With all that I just described, do you really think my mind is actually working in a way that allows me to have random thoughts?

Well ok, here is one thing.  I haven't been able to get the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black out of my head for the last 72 hours.  

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