Thursday, April 14, 2011

7- Part 2 "Provision"

This week as we continued our series called "7" we focused on another two quotes that Jesus made from the cross and looked at the theme of "provision".  Provision is the act of providing or supplying something.  There is much that Jesus provided for us by dying on the cross and here are a couple things we took time to think about.

1)  In John 19:26-27 Jesus looked at His mother and said "Woman, behold your son!" then looked at John and said "Behold, your mother!".  In the midst of the physical and mental anguish that Jesus was suffering, he still took the time to look out for His mother.  At this point we are unsure what happened to Joseph as he was not mentioned anymore after Luke 2.  The common theory is that Joseph already passed away.  I believe this to be true because we know how godly of a man Joseph was and how much he loved his family.  So I believe that if Joseph had been alive that he would have been there with Mary.  It is at this time that Jesus is telling John to take care of His mother Mary.  Jesus is providing for His mother. I challenged the students to consider how they can provide for their parents.  We can honor them, pray for them, make parenthood a joy for them, and maybe even later in life we may have to provide for them by taking care of them.

2)  In John 19:28 Jesus said "I am thirsty".  This is important for a couple of reasons.  First of all it is another indicator to us that Jesus is fully man.  He had to be fully God in order to be the perfect sacrifice, and at the same time He had to be fully man in order to die as a sacrifice.  Second this statement fulfills prophecy.  It says itself in verse 28 "to fulfill the Scripture".  So we need to take a look and see what Scripture was fulfilled.  Both Psalm 22:15 and Psalm 69:21 refer to Jesus being thirsty and receiving vinegar to drink.  What is so amazing is that this was written hundreds of years before and it came to pass.  With this prophecy being fulfilled, as well as many others, we are provided with confidence in the Bible.  Since everything written about the first coming of Jesus took place just as it was predicted, we can be confident in knowing that everything written about his future coming is true and will take place.  We can be confident in knowing that when Jesus said He will return, that He will.  We can be confident in knowing that when Scripture tells us that God will never leave us nor forsake us, that He never will leave us nor forsake us.  We can be confident in knowing that when the Bible tells us to cast our cares and burdens on Him because He cares for us, that we can be secure in knowing that He cares for us.  We can be confident in knowing that when Jesus said He would forgive our sins if we ask, that He will actually forgive our sins.  We can trust everything in the Bible and we do not have to doubt it because of Jesus' provision.

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