Thursday, March 17, 2011

YEC 2011

We took the students to the Youth Evangelism Conference this past weekend in Nashville, TN.  What an incredible weekend it was!  I will be honest that I was a little skeptical because I was not impressed with the first YEC, and am not even sure that next year's lineup is good either, but this year was great.  First of all Addison Road led worship and did an amazing job.  They led worship the way it should be at a conference.  Their focus was on Jesus and not at all on promoting themselves.  That's what I like in a worship band.  They came out and led worships songs that everyone knew leading us to the throne of Jesus.  The only songs of their own that they did was as everyone was leaving each day.  

The speakers were amazing as well.  Friday night's speaker was Afshin Ziafat, which I had never heard before.  Let me tell you though, his story is amazing.  I was also excited because Derwin Gray was speaking and he did a great job as I knew he would.  He did not let loose as much as in the past times I have heard him speak, but his message was great nonetheless.  God definitely spoke through him.  Each session Bean and Bailey opened up with some hilarious material.

After the second session we did some prayer walking around downtown Nashville.  This was really an eye opening experience to some of the students.  As we walked through the entertainment district it was filled with people hanging out around the bars, and every five feet was someone playing music on the streets.  It was a definite example of hopelessness as this is the life that these people are living for.  We had the opportunity to pray that God would open their eyes to see Him.  We then went to the Bicentennial Park to see that part of the area and snap a few pictures.  Then we wrapped things up by going to Rocketown and getting a glimpse of the ministry there and of course getting the best frappe in the world!

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