Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Morning Randomness 3/7

I did not blog at all last week but I am back today with some of my random thoughts in case anyone wants to know them.

-Just over 24 hours ago I hurt my back pretty bad.  How did I hurt it?  Pretty much by standing.  I don't have an awesome story of something like I hurt while wrestling a lion.  Wish I did though.
-I am too young to be having back problems!!!
-Any hopes I had of buying the iPad 2 this week are gone because of my chiropractor bill.
-So glad that baseball is back and hope that I will get to go to a Braves game this year.  Excited that Chipper is back and doing well so far in Spring Training.
-Ready to take the top off of the Jeep.
-I heard Jason Gray's "I Am New" on the radio this past week.  So excited to hear it and especially glad to hear a good song on the radio.  That can be a rarity sometimes.
-Live drums are better than electronic drums anytime, no matter the place or situation.
-I have cried quiet a bit in the past 48 hours, and none of it had to do with my back pain.
-I wish that EA Sports would get the rights to make Major League Baseball video games again.  Not that I get to play video games or anything but it would be nice that there was a good quality baseball game made again.
-8 more weeks until I graduate and am done with school FOREVER!
-These last 2 classes I am taking are going to be my hardest out of all of them and probably have the most busy work.  How did this happen to me?
-I am in a drawing through my seminary today to win an iPad.  If I win then I will sell it and buy and iPad 2.  
-If I win an iPad from my seminary then it will probably be the most exciting thing that has happened to me in regards to my education.
-I have been to the Dairy Barn (our local ice cream place) twice since it has opened.  I have been disappointed both times and believe that it is overrated.
-There are many others things that I would like to say today but I am pretty definite that I would get fussed at by somebody.
-Here is a random picture of my awesome nephew showing me his muscle


Belinda said...

You always make me laugh. I would never say that you're done with school forever, you just never know :)

Nathan Eaton said...

You are definitely right in saying that I should not say 'never' in regards to school. I guess I am just hoping for that!