Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning Randomness 3/21

Here are all the random thoughts filling my mind this Monday Morning March 21.
-Thankful that Spring is pretty much here.  Loving this warmer weather.
-The windows are out of the Jeep!  I would like to take the top down but it needs to be washed first.  Too many birds have been around lately.
-I am wearing shorts today, which are way more comfortable than pants.
-I remember when I was working in my final weeks at my first job out of college, I had earned several rewards in being able to wear shorts.  It was awesome wearing shorts and t-shirts while everyone else was wearing ties.
-The past 72 hours have been extremely stressful, yet at the same time I have been given a peace by God.
-I have stayed up fairly late the past two nights just listening to music.  Something I haven't done in a while and enjoy very much.
-I am still traumatized by the fact that a squirrel got in our house on Friday.  Don't ask, just pray.
-This week is Spring Break for 99.9% of Tennessee I am sure.  My seminary is even on Spring Break, but in order to actually survive and graduate I must spend these days working ahead.
-I have never felt so overwhelmed in school as I do now.  
-Only 6 more school weeks (7 weeks including Spring Break) until FREEDOM!
-While seminary has not been my favorite thing in the world, I would not go to a different seminary for anything.
-I am excited by the fact that when I am done with school I will get to play video games again on the Wii.  In fact I am planning a video game binge at that moment.
-My wife is cool and I am thankful for who she is and that she is in my life.
-I finally got to play with an iPad 2 the other day.  I want one even more now.
-I am excited about the Micah Watson Band doing a concert for us on March 30th.
-I am excited about other things that will be going on later this year that I can't announce yet.
-I can't seem to get the words "It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday" out of my head.  
-Enjoying David Nasser's "A Call to Die" that we as a church are doing together.  This is the best study we have done as a church.  God spoke to me today about the fact that Satan tries to accuse us and knock us down.  As I suffer with self-esteem issues caused by many things but including to opposition in my life, I know that when I am in the will of God that it doesn't matter what Satan or anyone else says.  This quote also stood out to me:  "Satan doesn't give much merit to many of us because we aren't a threat to his purposes".

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