Thursday, February 24, 2011

Relationships By Design- Part 3

This week we wrapped up our series on marriage and dating and some of the boys could not be happier.  It is funny to watch their reaction about what true love in a marriage looks like because some of them do not care at this point in their life.  But there is still a need for them to hear these things.  As the first two weeks of the series focused on why God created marriage and the roles for a man and woman within marriage, this week we took a look at what must take place before even a dating relationship begins which is a solid foundation with Jesus Christ.

As we looked at Matthew 7:24-29 we thought about how we must lay out a solid foundation in our own lives personally, in our friendships, our dating relationships, and our marriage.  The myth that many people buy into is that they will get everything in line after they get married but the truth is it must occur before even dating.  I pointed out that in verses 28-29 it talks about how Jesus spoke with authority.  This means that He was not simply making a suggestion, but instead teaching them how it has to be.  

So laying a solid foundation in a dating relationship means that both of you must have the main focus of Jesus, are honest with each other, respect each other, etc.  So if you begin a dating relationship and you do not have a solid foundation, then it is like playing a game of Jenga.  You lose your foundation as you begin your dating relationship in the wrong manner, and then when the winds and storms of life blow, you topple over.  If you do not establish a solid foundation before dating, then the person you date will likely become an idol in your life, which will leave you unsatisfied and probably lead to disaster.

So I challenged the students that if they realize that their foundation is not solid like it should be, then they should not date.  If they are in a relationship then I encouraged them to pray with each other and read scripture together.  Each student was given a listening sheet that pink for girls and blue for boys and on the back had a list of questions for them to consider and answer in the dating process.  An example of a question on the boys page is "Am I leading her spiritually?" and on the flipside the similar question on the girls page was "Is he leading me spiritually?".  As we closed the night by the adults praying over them that they will become who God is calling them to be someday as a spouse and for their future spouses I reminded them that "Marriage isn't as much about finding the right person, as it is becoming the right person".

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