Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Morning Randomness 2/14

I thought I would share some of my random thoughts that are going on in my head this Monday morning.

-I'm pretty excited that Pitchers and Catchers report today to begin Spring Training for Major League Baseball
-I think I'm pretty much over winter and ready for Spring weather.  I am definitely ready to be able to take the top off of the Jeep
-I feel pretty stressed about all that I have to accomplish this week:  50 more pages of reading due by midnight tonight, 3 papers, 1 test, reading of about 150 pages of notes for that exam, 30 Hour Famine and all the preparation work for that, regular Wednesday Night Worship, etc.
-Today is the last day that McDonald's is offering free coffee.  I'm going to see how many free coffees I can get today.
-I only have 11 more weeks until freedom, I mean I graduate seminary
-Even though we do not celebrate the Hallmark Holiday, or Valentine's Day I want to wish a Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful wife Belinda.  I love you.
-I like pretty much anything that Phil Wickham sings but the lyrics to his latest single "In My Love" really spoke to me this morning.  
-I read John chapters 19-21 this morning and it never gets old reading about the crucifixion and what Jesus did for us on the cross.  I always enjoy reading John's perspective on everything as well.  One thing that I had forgotten and never really paid attention to takes place after Jesus dies.  Joseph of Arimathea came and took the body of Jesus to place in the tomb.  I knew that but what John says about him in 19:38 really struck me- it says that Joseph was a "disciple of Jesus, but a secret one for fear of the Jews".  How sad it is that Joseph of Arimathea allowed fear to keep him from truly following Jesus.  I pray that we will never allow fear to keep us from Jesus.

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