Friday, February 25, 2011

Gone Astray

One morning this week I was walking out of the youth house and heard a goose flying over.  The sound of a goose always grabs my attention because I know that my granny liked them so it always reminds me of her.  But there was something this time that caught my attention even more.  I only heard the sound of 1 goose, and not a whole flock as you normally hear.  Geese are pretty cool in their flight formation and the fact that when one is tired, injured, or sick and falls away from the group, two other geese go after it to protect it.  They stay with the fallen goose until it either dies or is ready to rejoin the group and they as a smaller group will set out to rejoin the main group.  Well this one goose that I saw was all by itself. It had gone astray from the rest of the group.  Where were the others?  This made me think about James 5:19-20 that tells us we are to go after those who have gone astray.  So I want to ask you today to consider someone you know who has strayed or is straying away from God and that you need to go after.  It may be difficult sometimes to know what to say to them.  However I want you to consider what you can do to lead them to God.  Pray for them and pray how God would have you to talk to them.

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