Friday, December 31, 2010

Things Learned in 2010

I find it hard to believe that 2010 is over and that a new year is set to begin.  To be honest though, I am glad and relieved to see 2010 end.  This year has been filled with many hard days, disappointing days, frustrating days, days of confusion and questions, days of struggles, days of heartache, and many days where I felt that I was underwater and struggling to get air.  2010 has been one of the most disappointing years in my life to say the least, and only once ever before have I been so glad to see a year end (2000 being the other).  I do not want anyone to read this to feel sorry for me, or to even feel like I am complaining.  I am simply stating how I feel without going into all the details.  However in the midst of the pain there is so much that I have to rejoice over and be thankful for.  I have such a wonderful God who loves me, a wife who loves me, and an incredible family.  Whenever we endure hard times, there are always things for us to learn, and I believe that there were many things I learned or was enlightened to this year.  There are also many things I have yet to discover and learn about this past year, but thought I would share with you what I have learned.

-There will always be unanswered questions in life.  There will always be things I wonder and question and may never have an answer for them on earth.  I am not sure why this is the case, but trust that it is all part of God's plan as He shapes me into who He wants me to be.
-After my relationship with God, my family comes as the most important priority in my life.  I have always known this, but this belief was ingrained in me further this year.
-Many people do not agree with the above statement about family being a priority, and therefore will not understand my belief.
-Some people will try to get you to compromise your beliefs thinking their cause is greater.  I however believe that there is no greater cause than standing on your own convictions that have been placed on you by the Holy Spirit.
-No matter what it is in life, the more you put into something, the more you get out of it.
-I take absolutely horrible care of myself in a health aspect.  I eat terribly, exercise none, and sleep nowhere near as much as I need to.
-Giving up Facebook as I mentioned before has been one of the greatest things I have ever done, and I continue to loathe the social media site.
-I am inadequate beyond comprehension when I try to do things on my own, but praise God I have Him to guide me along the way.

So what have you learned in 2010?

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