Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Favorite Christmas Songs

Well since I posted my least favorite Christmas songs yesterday I figured I would post my favorites.  I love Christmas music (except those I talked about yesterday) and there are so many that I know I will forget some, but here goes.

-O Holy Night- definitely one of my favorite classics of all time.  I like many different versions, Phil Wickham's and Mercy Me's versions are both great.
-How Many Kings- Downhere- this definitely became one of my favorite modern songs last year.  I wish I could sing like Mark Martel of Downhere.  He has an incredible voice.  But the lyrics on this song are amazing about Jesus coming to earth.  Great song!
-Welcome to Our World- Chris Rice/Michael W. Smith- Another song written beautifully.  Chris Rice did an amazing job writing this one and his version as well as Michael W. Smith's are just incredible.
-Light of the World- Point of Grace- it's credited to Point of Grace because it was on one of there albums but is sang by Michael Tait, who I believe has probably the best and most versatile voice in Christian music.
-Emmanuel Overture- Michael W. Smith (this begins several by him)
-All is Well- Michael W.
-The Happiest Christmas- Michael W.
-Christmastime- Michael W.
-Christmas Day- Michael W.
-All I Want For Christmas is You- Classic song!  I just bought the Newsboys version on their Christmas EP and it's pretty incredible.
-Offering- Paul Baloche- great song
-Christmastime is Here from a Charlie Brown Christmas
-Any of the classics like Bing Crosby, etc.
-I just bought Phil Wickham's Christmas CD and it's great
-Many, many more

So what's your favorite Christmas songs?  Please share those with us.

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