Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Waving A Glow Stick

A few weeks ago we were able to finally take a vacation and had the chance to go to Disney World.  There are a couple of posts I will write about experiences learned from the trip, but this one in particular is about a touching moment I saw from a child.  One night we were standing in the back of the show Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios as the show was about to start.  A mom and her young boy walked in front of us.  It was dark and they were looking for a seat.  The boy said to his mom "What about daddy?".  The mom replied that the dad would find them.  As they walked on, the boy who was holding his mom's hand turned around and waved his glow stick, as if leaving a trail for his dad to find them.  The boy did not want to be separated from his dad and wanted to make sure that he would be able to find them.  

Well I was immediately touched by this young boy's act, and how he did not want to be separated from his dad.  I thought about how this applies to our relationship with our Heavenly Father.  Do we go about our life making sure that we are staying close to Him?  Or do we go about life on our own, doing our own thing?  I know that we do not have to wave a glow stick for God to find us, because He is everywhere and as Psalm 139:17 says "where can I flee from Your presence?"  The truth is we can not hide from Him, we cannot get away from Him.  But do you live your life like you are trying to hide or get away from Him?  As I sit in the coffee shop, I know that God is here and imagine Him sitting in every seat as I look around.  The awesome thing though, is that I also know that He is sitting in the empty seat beside me because He wants to.  This kid that I observed wanted to be sure that he was able to sit beside his daddy.  Your daddy, Abba Father, is sitting beside you.  The question is, do you want to sit beside Him?

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