Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leaving a Legacy

I wrapped up the Courageous Leadership series out of the book of Joshua last night.  As we look at the different areas in life where we need to be strong in leaders, we must definitely consider the type of legacy that we are leaving for those who follow us.  We watched a clip from the classic movie Sandlot where Benny has a dream that Babe Ruth pays him a visit.  Babe tells him that everyone has one chance in life to something great, and that most people sit back and do nothing.  He goes on to tell him that heroes are remembered, but legends never die.  As the movie goes on, Benny seizes the moment and leaves a legacy that he would not let fear paralyze him, and he rescues the baseball that they had been trying to get back.  

When we look in Joshua we see that both Caleb and Joshua leave legacies that are pretty remarkable.  In Joshua 14:6-14 we read about Caleb asking for the land that he had been promised 45 years earlier.  He makes the statement in verse 11 that he is as strong as an 85 year old man that he was when he was 40.  How is this possible?  I believe that it is because he lived his life in complete surrender to God, giving Him everything he had.  Through this I believe that God gave Caleb a strength that could only come from God.  Caleb sets the example and leaves us with a legacy that challenges us to live our lives the same exact way.  We should live our lives fully for God that He will empower us even when we are older.

As we take a look at the end of Joshua's life in Joshua 24:29-31 we see the legacy that he left.  Israel followed God because of the life that Joshua lived, even beyond Joshua's life on earth.  Joshua lived the life of a godly leader, leading others to live their life for God.

So the question to ask yourself is this: "What kind of legacy are you leaving?"  Thinking back to Joshua 1 where Joshua had to realize that he was a leader before he could actually thrive as one.  We too must realize that we are a leader.  In addition we must realize that we are leaving a legacy.  The question is what kind.  It should be the desire of every Christian to live a life that makes God known for generations just as it says in Psalm 45:17.  Examine your heart today and discover what type of legacy you are leaving.

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