Friday, September 24, 2010

Reveal- See You At the Pole

This past Wednesday was National See You at the Pole Day.  I began the day having the opportunity to speak at the first ever See You at the Pole event at Niota Elementary School. It is great to see students gathering together to lift up the name of Jesus Christ and to pray for their school, community, and nation.

At Wednesday Night Worship we took a look at this year's theme "Reveal" and about prayer in general.  This year's theme is taken from the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6:7-13 and specifically from the Message translation where it says "Our Father in Heaven, Reveal who You are."  God reveals Himself to us in many ways- through the Bible, through sermons and lessons, through worship songs, etc.  But I think the main way that He reveals Himself is through prayer.  In order to get to know someone better you must spend time with them talking to them.  This is definitely true in our relationship with God, we must talk to Him.  Our prayers can not simply be us asking for stuff, but be about getting to know about God and conversing with Him.

We were challenged with these 2 points regarding prayer:

1)  What if we took prayer seriously?
If we made prayer a priority and not just something we do then I believe it will be life changing.  We can not neglect spending time with God for something else.  Just the other day my precious nephew Noah wanted to leave a message on his dry erase board for his dad saying "Dad, I'm sorry about today."  When his mom asked what he meant he explained that when his dad had come to visit him at lunch that day at school, that after a while Noah asked if he could go sit and talk with his friends.  His dad said to wait another minute or so because he wanted to talk to him and spend time with him.  After another minute Noah asked again if he could go with is friends and so his dad said yes that is fine. Noah said that later he felt bad for choosing his friends over his dad and had cried about it.  Noah is only six years old and has such a precious heart.  His dad later explained to him that it's ok for him to go talk to his friends and that he understood.  That story moved me to tears when I heard it.  It made me wonder how often we pass an opportunity to spend time talking with our Father in heaven to do something else.  And if we do, do we realize we made a poor choice and are moved to seek forgiveness from our heavenly Father?

2)  What if you prayed for the impossible?
What if you prayed for things that are completely impossible unless God intervenes.  I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Jeff Iorg who is the president of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.  He shared that he was listening to a preacher about 30 years ago who asked what was a prayer that they really needed answered that seemed impossible, and to write it down.  He said that he was young and needed financial help so he wrote down that he wanted God to bless him with $500 and that he felt good about what he wrote down.  He said that after a while the preacher said "You know what I'm praying for- I'm praying that cancer will be cured in my lifetime!"  Dr. Iorg said he felt that his request was nothing compared to what he had just heard.  He went on to say that several years ago he was diagnosed with throat cancer and best case scenario was that he was not supposed to be able to talk anymore.  God cured him and he is cancer free and is still speaking and preaching!  God answered that preacher's prayer in Dr. Iorg's life!

We closed the night breaking into small groups to spend time in prayer, praying over specific areas.  I believe that God is calling His people to be disciplined in prayer like never before!

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