Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sense of Entitlement

My wife has been extremely busy at work lately as they have been having registration for the upcoming school year. She works in the Financial Aid office and so she has been dealing with many many people as they get their finances straight before classes begin. One thing that has frustrated her is when people haven’t done the necessary paperwork, etc. for their funds but complain anyway. Especially when it might be a small amount that makes little or no difference. I used to work in the Financial Aid office of another college and I remember students getting upset about $500 when they hadn’t done what was necessary to receive it. They get upset like they are entitled to the money. They are not entitled to anything unless they do what is necessary to obtain it.

This has been hard for her as she wants to say (but is professional and does not) to them that it is not as important as they are making it out to be. When a student has complained about something like this she wants to respond “yeah and I don’t have a dad anymore because he just passed away”. I deal with the same things in my position where people feel they are entitled to something and the truth is they are not.

What we must all realize is that we are not entitled to anything. We are not even entitled to salvation by Jesus Christ, but He freely gives it because He loves us. I cannot find anywhere in the Bible that leads us to believe that we are entitled anything in life. What I read is that we are to humble ourselves and serve others. I know personally that when I allow myself to fall down this past that it leads to more sin in my life.

This is just something to consider today. Are you living your life with expectations that you are owed or entitled to anything? My prayer is that you humble yourself and be the bondservant that you are called to be.

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