Monday, August 9, 2010

God's Revelation- Part 3

I want to talk about one more aspect of God’s revelation and that is confusing what God is saying as opposed to what you want Him to say. This is one thing that can either make me laugh or make me really frustrated. Funny because I have heard some ridiculous things that people have said that God has told them to do. Frustrated because people have said to me what they “think” God wants me to do.

Let’s think about the first one. I have heard people say that God is leading them to do something that is obviously not something that God would lead them to do. So I believe this is the first thing you need to consider when listening to God: Does what He is saying line up with His Word? If what you believe He is saying contradicts or does not line up with the Bible then He isn’t saying it to you! Secondly, is what you say or think God is saying to you actually only what you want Him to say? There are many things in my life that I wish God would say to me or lead me to do but He isn’t and so those are paths I cannot travel.

Now for the other things that can be frustrating. Sometimes people take it upon themselves to share with someone else what God is leading them to do. This is an area where you have to be extremely careful. God gives people the gift of prophecy, which is speaking the Word of God boldly and proclaiming His truths. This can include but is definitely not exclusive to telling individuals such things as what you believe God is saying to them. God may lead you to do this, but you have to know for sure that this is true. You have to ask yourself those questions in the last paragraph: “Does it contradict the bible? & Is it what you want instead of what God wants?” I am afraid that people sometimes might speak to others this way and be totally out of line, while at other times they may be spot on. The thing is you have to be extremely careful here. I know that I have been offended and frustrated by others in the past when they told me “what they thought God was telling me”. The truth is it either didn’t line up with God’s Word or it was totally what they wanted themselves.

I just wanted to share one final aspect of God’s revelation that was on my heart and encourage you to always consider these areas when you sense God is speaking to you.

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