Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fresh Start- Part 2

We continued the Fresh Start series this week by thinking about "Facing the Future". We again read Isaiah 6:1-8 but focused mainly on verse 8. Isaiah not only says that he will go for God but he exclaims "I will go!". Sometimes we may still do something for God but not necessarily do it joyfully. Remember when as a kid your parents might ask if you would want to help with a certain chore and you were really excited to help out. Or maybe you were in a setting where someone asked for a volunteer and you raised your hand and really wanted to help out or do whatever task was at hand. Well I believe this is how Isaiah was reacting here to God's question of "Whom shall I send?". Isaiah didn't simply say "God I'll go do this for you". Instead he put emotion into it with an exclamation mark! I believe Isaiah was in essence saying with excitement that he would go, give it his all, and be in awe that God would use him.

This year each student will have opportunities to follow God daily. God will be leading them, and each one of us to carry out His will. We can either simply reject following God, do what He wants but do it as a chore, or we can do it full of joy. We closed the night by spending some time spread out and quiet, asking God to examine our hearts in prayer. Then each person had a note card to write down: 1) their goals for this next year, and 2) how they plan to accomplish these goals. My desire for these students, myself, and anyone who reads this is that we will set goals to follow God, and do it with a heart full of joy!

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