Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Younite Day 3

This was our last day of Younite 2010 and it was an excellent one. The morning Bible study focus was on feeling adequate and valuable. This is definitely an area I have always struggled in so I can relate to anyone else who is the same way. Jeremy opened by reading about Solomon’s temple and how extravagant it was and then read verses about our body being a temple of God. He explained that if our body is considered a temple that houses the living God then how could we ever feel invaluable. Very awesome way of looking at it!

Day 3 was even hotter than the last two. There were actually heat warnings to stay inside but we ended up running out of stain and not working quite as long as the other days. Again the students didn’t complain about the heat and worked right along. After lunch they took two groups on a tour of the Women At The Well home and allowed them to see a little more in depth about what is going on in the ministry.

Worship again was incredible and Teddy brought it when he preached. He spoke from Colossians 3: and talked about the things we must put on which are: compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, forgiveness, and love. We must strive to put these on because we are a new creation.

After group time the Micah Watson Band led a couple more songs to send us off from Younite. It was definitely a time for our group to grow closer to each other and closer to God and become united, which is one of the basic desires behind the camp. I told the students that they will also never know the extent of the impact that they had on the Women At The Well but that the ladies will probably always look back at their service. Hopefully the students will also look back and this will be a defining moment in their life.

Here is the final morning video of Frank & Frankie.

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