Thursday, July 22, 2010

Younite Day 1

Well after months of planning Younite 2010 has officially began. Well it actually began with the kickoff Wednesday Night but students arrived today ready to go at it. We began with breakfast, then today's Bible study was on Appearance/Popularity and how we shouldn't get caught up in that. After a little worship and a silly video (of course) we took off to serve at the Women At The Well campus. It was a hot day, but is supposed to get hotter. I'm definitely proud of the students for their hard work. One high point of the day was hearing a testimony from one of the ladies about how God had set her free.

Worship with the Micah Watson Band and the message from Teddy Winter were just all incredible. Teddy's message was looking at the theme and how all that matters is the gospel. The four parts of the gospel are: 1) God- holy, perfect, all knowing, and all powerful; 2) People- sinful; 3) Christ- died for our sins so we could be set free; 4) Response- our response should be to love and serve Him back.

Can't wait to see what God has in store for us on Day 2. Hopefully I'll get an opportunity to post a few pictures, videos, and maybe even our silly morning video.

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