Thursday, July 8, 2010

Don't Speak- Lying

Last night we wrapped up our "Don't Speak" series with a look at lying. As we continued to think about how our words can either negatively or positively effect others, lies are definitely a way we can hurt others. A lie is an intentional false statement- not telling the truth. But another form of a lie is when we withhold information and do not tell the whole truth. This is one way I see teens trying to justify the things they say. Sometimes they think it isn't a lie when they only tell part of the truth since they didn't tell anything that wasn't true. But a lie is a statement made with the intention of deceiving the person you are telling it to. Therefore if you only tell part of the truth your intention is to deceive, which makes it a lie.

So why is lying wrong? Well of course the Bible says so. The 9th commandment in Exodus 20:16 tells us that we should not lie or bear false witness. We also read in Proverbs 19:5, 9, and 22 about the dangers of being a liar. We learn that it is better to be a poor man than to be a liar and that a liar will not go unpunished. But there's another reason why we shouldn't lie. That is because it is against the nature of God. Hebrews 6:18 tells us that God can not lie. This should comfort us all. Since God can't lie then it means the entire Bible is true! This also means that every word that Jesus spoke is true! If it is against the character of God to lie, and as Christians we are to seek to be like God, then we should not lie. Our honesty reveals our character and if we make it a habit of lying then it reflects that our character is missing something. I also believe that if you make it a common practice of lying and are ok with it, then you need to do a heart check.

We briefly covered 3 ways that we lie:
1) Lie to Others- This is where we lie to our friends, parents, etc.
2) Lie to Yourself- You tell yourself a lie to the point that you begin to believe it. Another way is to justify the sin in your life. You convince yourself a sin is ok when you know that it isn't and it is against the Bible
3) Lie to God- I guess I should say "Try" to lie to God. This is when someone comes to church, goes through the motions of religion, but there's nothing going on the inside. They are not living their life for God. But you can't hide it from God. He knows everything.

I know that some of the biggest storms of pain I have faced in my life have been when either I was lied about or someone I love was lied about. Actually all of the painful storms I have faced in life have revolved around people's words whether is was their complaining, lying, gossiping, or plainly just trying to hurt me and bring me down with their words. I want the students and anyone for that matter to understand that the words you use not only effects you then and there. It actually effects others, and can hurt them for a long time. Please examine your heart to see if you are being an honest person with your words. Make a conscious effort to only speak truth. As we are told in Matthew 12:36 we are going to have to give an account for every word we speak. So speak wisely and carefully!

And here is the final video in this series:

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