Thursday, June 10, 2010

Centrifuge Wednesday- Obedience

Wednesday's characteristic that we studied was Obedience and looked at the story of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. One thing that makes me crazy about God is the way He orchestrates everything. Not only has the pastor's message been along the line of some of my Wednesday night messages this year, but also we studied about Daniel and his friends recently at Disciple Now. We see how these men stood together in the face of adversity. They had the option of going their own way which would have probably saved their life. Instead they chose obedience to God and guess what? He saved them anyway. The verse that always speaks to me is Daniel 3:18 when the proclaim that God will save them, but even if He doesn't they will still choose to praise Him. I usually read this and think about how if we are ever faced with death that we should stand up for Him. While that's true for some reason it really stood out to me this time that even if we are faced with (fill in the blank) that we must still praise God!

Pastor Chad preached out of Acts 9 and the conversion of Saul. He focused mainly on the obedience of Ananias. We were challenged with the question are you more concerned with your calling from God or your own comfort? He stated that the blessing of the gospel is Jesus, and not anything else. It is Jesus alone that we must seek.

Group devotional time we continued to look at this thought of obedience and I had the students make lists of both blessings and costs of being a follower of Christ. After reading John 14:23 I wrote on the dry erase board- LOVE = OBEDIENCE. The truth of the matter is if we truly love God then we are going to obey Him.

Night Life this time was the variety show. We were encouraged to dress up as our favorite historical character. There were some pretty funny costumes. I wore my Chuck Norris t-shirt! There were 5 acts on stage that all performed music. My favorite by far was a girl that played the acoustic guitar (yeah I'm partial to that instrument) and sang "Hope Now" by Addison Road, such a solid song.

One final note about everything so far is that I have been so impressed with the Bible study. Last year's was incredible as well. I love the fact that this year each day builds on the next. First day was love. Second day was obedience and Thursday is sacrifice. I'm so thankful that God led us to North Greenville University this year and I believe we are definitely being blessed here this week!

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