Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Centrifuge Tuesday- Love

On our first full day of Centrifuge we studied the character trait of love. Love is a word that has definitely lost its true meaning over time. We will use the word love with just about anything. We say we love a certain food, an outfit, vehicle, etc. But the truth is we don't love any of those things.

For our quiet time and Bible study we looked at the book of Jonah. If you grew up in church you probably know the story and usually the focus is that of how we can't run from God. This time we looked at how God loves us so much that he will relentlessly seek us. Because of that love and the fact that Jesus died for our sins then we should in turn love Him, and love others.

The pastor's message of the night was based out of Acts 2:22-24; 37-39. I didn't do a great job of taking notes because I was enthralled in the message at the time. The best I can describe it is that Chad spoke the same messages I have over the past 6 months. He summed it all up when he asked the students "do you love God or do you love the stuff He provides?" He went on to say that if we are truly saved then we will see the love of God transforming our lives because we won't be content staying the same. True repentance is when we see God's love and we stop walking the sinful way that we are and instead decide to walk the opposite way toward God. As we were dismissed to go to group bible study we were asked the consider how the cross is a representation of God's love and to examine if we are truly a follower of Christ. After reading some scripture and discussing the cross, we spent a few minutes in silence for us all to examine if we truly are a follower of Christ.

After group devotional time our Night Life activity was the County Fair and some of the students dressed up in cowboy/cowgirl attire. I'll post some more pictures tomorrow because as we were on our way to the coffee shop I realized I had left my memory card reader in my room.

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