Thursday, May 20, 2010


We continued this week of the "Don't Speak" series with a tough topic and that is respect and listening. We actually began the night getting student feedback on how the complaint bracelets. I also encouraged them to keep it up and not act as if they can return to complaining.

I am sure we have all at one point been somewhere whether it is a church service, movie, classroom, or something where someone is speaking, but there is another person(s) being disrespectful and talking at the same time. How annoying is that? Not only is it annoying but is distracting and disrespectful. A couple verses on listening are Proverbs 18:13 and Proverbs 19:27. These verses tells us to listen because if we don't it's foolish and can even cause us to stray. We broke down the night by looking at the problem, why it is a problem, and the solution.

Talking when someone else is speaking, leading worship, or during prayer is a problem. I encouraged the teenagers to understand that they are not alone. I think that this can be an issue of all ages. I also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to speak at some point in front of a group, but especially lead worship. Sometimes leading worship can be such a sweet experience when people are engaged in singing praises to God. There have also been times when I wanted to stop singing during a song to tell someone to hush. Not only this but talking during a Sunday School lesson, while a preacher is preaching, and even talking during the offertory are disrespectful. These are times when reverence and respect should be observed.

Why is this a Problem?
First of all it is a distraction. You might distract someone from hearing a word from God. Also if a person is preaching/teaching then they have spent time preparing and seeking what God would have them to say to His people. God is speaking through the preacher/teacher and so by talking during it you are not only disrespecting that person but also disrespecting God.

-Put yourself in their shoes. It can be very frustrating when speaking and someone else is disrespectful.
-Talk before/after. A student told me this a couple weeks ago. They said- "You know we have time to talk before and after and so I don't understand why the talking can't wait." I totally agree. If you think it needs to be said then because you will forget later, then it wasn't important enough to say anyway.
-You may need to separate yourself from someone if you talk with them a lot. Just like I had to tell a kid at Afterschool a few weeks ago to move away from the sticks if the temptation to play with them was too much. If you find that you want to talk to someone during a worship service, then don't sit with them.
-Realize that when you are talking that you can't listen/hear what is being said. You can't hear what God is saying. You will then miss out on what God wants to say to you. I heard a lady say the other day "God is speaking but people are not listening". That is a scary phrase to hear. I know that personally I always want to be listening to God.

Here is the next video in the series.

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