Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Non-Mothers Day

Please don't take the title in any weird way and get offended. Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day. It was a great weekend altogether as our whole family went to Dollywood (which we actually got to see Dolly Parton), then last night we made a fire in our fire pit and enjoyed the nice weather. I'm thankful for moms, especially godly mom's like mine who not only taught me by word but also by living out her Christian faith.

I have to be honest about something I did yesterday. Yesterday our church gave every mother a copy of the book "12 Extraordinary Women" by John MacArthur. They had all the moms stand up and we gave them a hand clap and prayed over them. After church I went to get a book for my mom because she was serving in the child-care area during the service and wasn't able to get one for herself. However I grabbed a copy for my wife Belinda also. Belinda and I have been married for 9 years but we still don't have any children of our own. We're just still uncertain if God is leading us to be parents. Some people might gasp at that statement. I have even heard the phrase that "the highest calling in life is being a parent". I don't agree because I believe the highest calling in life is to follow Jesus. Voddie Baucham would really be mad at me for saying that we might not ever have children as well. There was once even a person in our life who would constantly preach at us about this saying that we were disobedient to God if we didn't have children. I don't believe that's true at all, especially when you don't always know all the circumstances.

We may not have our own children that we raise and financially support, but many people have said that we have many children considering our role in youth ministry. We do consider these students our children. We rejoice when they rejoice, we hurt when they hurt, and we shed tears when we see them fall away from God. So I don't mean this in any way to take away from mother's day, because I believe it's important to honor our mothers. However I want to honor those ladies today that are not actual birth mother's, but make it a part of their life to minister to others.

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lynette said...

I agree with you. Can't believe you saw Dolly! I love her!