Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Disciple Now Review

Well after many hours of preparation, and many hours of sleep deprivation the 2010 Disciple Now has officially come and gone. What a weekend it was! I totally believe that God was in every detail and I believe some great things took place. The students seemed to have really enjoyed the weekend. I had some incredible leaders doing the Bible study. Now it is up to the students to take what was discussed throughout the weekend and apply it in their everyday lives. Please pray for our students that they will do this.

Saturday's Amazing Race was great. As soon as I said "GO" it started pouring rain. The competition was intense and very close but the boys team pulled out the victory. The boys arrived 1st and was about 5 minutes ahead of the high school girls team. The boys decided to hide and let them think they won. Here is the video of the girls thinking they have won, then being devastated with the loss.

Saturday night's concert with Jason Gray was incredible. His heart is what amazes me the most about him. I plan to write a little more in depth about the concert later this week. He wowed us with his musical ability as well as the messages he spoke. I'm so thankful for his ministry. Here are a couple of clips from the concert.

I'll be working on a wrap-up video of the weekend and will post it later this week as well.

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