Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Walking On Air

Today my wife gave me a pair of Nike Air Max 360's for my birthday. I have wanted a pair of these shoes for a few years now and the bargain shopper that she is grabbed an incredible deal on them. I can't even begin to share how awesome my wife is to me. I love her so much. Anyway these shoes are like walking on air because there is actually an air pocket that runs the whole length of the shoe. I've never had shoes this comfortable! How often do we have a great day or experience and say something like "we're walking on air"? It's in those moments that it seems like nothing can go wrong and we even gain a sense of control in our lives. That's when things go grim though, we think we are in control. We must understand that we are not in control and that all blessings are from God. If you are reading this then I hope you are going through a season of blessing and joy in life. But I'm sure that is not the case for everyone. If it isn't then hold on, God is going to bring you through it and wants you to cling to Him during this season. If you are experiencing good times then thank God for it. What are you thankful for in your life right now? What is God blessing you with at this moment. Please share it with me and with others. Not to brag, but to encourage others that God is at work! Here are some things that I am very thankful for today:
-My incredible wife Belinda
-My new shoes
-My family
-My calling to serve God in full-time ministry
-My Jeep because it has been awesome weather this week
-The beautiful spring scenery
-My Jesus who accepts me and loves me when I fail
-The plans God has for me and is leading me on
-And so much more.....

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