Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well if there is one thing that there is never enough of in my life it is time. Most days even when I have accomplished a lot in the day, I usually find myself at the end of the day thinking how I could use a few more hours. I heard Belinda say this on the phone yesterday and even on more than one occasion to someone else: "We're never at home and when we are Nathan is having to work or do school work. We don't have enough time." First of all I hate that I even have to hear these things come out of her mouth because if I'm honest then I don't think it's at all fair to her. Which some might say "then do something about that Nathan". Well I am, constantly trying to figure out how I can finish school as soon as possible by doing things like taking a class that is an entire semester crammed into one week in May. Its actually about three weeks before we take the students to summer camp. Yeah not the best timing but what do you do?

I'm not writing though to complain about my lack of time, but to challenge myself and all of us to examine our time. I recently filled in to teach Sunday School and the lesson was about tithing and how in Nehemiah 10:35-36 they had faith to give their best to God in tithes. While studying I thought to myself about the concept of tithing, which I have many times considering I have a finance degree and have taught financial courses in the past. We read how they tithed their money, their harvests, even dedicated their first born son to God. Many times people don't even tithe their income, but what about our time? Does anyone actually tithe their time to God? I know I don't. If the word tithe means 10% then if we were to tithe a portion of our day to God it would equal 144 minutes or 2 hours and 24 minutes. Does anyone dedicate this amount of time to only spend it with God? I'm not talking about going to church or doing church stuff. I'm also not trying to say that this is necessary and it is a sin if we don't. I'm just raising the thought. I had never thought of this before. However I hate the excuse "I don't have enough time for a quiet time, or to read my Bible, or pray". It's crazy! I'm not here to condemn anyone about how much time they spend alone with God, I'm just asking you to examine yourself about how much time you spend with Him. Just something to think about today.

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