Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweet Worship

I didn't preach last night at WNW but I want to share a couple of my recent experiences. I've been reading through Psalms lately which is always a great encouragement to me. I love reading pure praise from the psalmists. It's also very raw as they hold nothing back. I love to worship. I love worship in the form of music. I love to lead worship through guitar and song. It's definitely a part of me that is special and important.

We recently went to a Shane & Shane concert. This was probably our 5th or 6th time seeing them but it never gets old. Not only are they incredibly talented musically, but they pour their hearts out which is so contagious. It was definitely a sweet time of worshiping my Lord, alongside my wife. I love the title track off their latest album "Everything is Different". The song is about how when Jesus comes to our life, there is a total change that takes place. The line of the chorus that has stuck in my head is "You made a way when there was no way". I think that completely sums up worship of Jesus Christ.

The other experience was last night at WNW. My dear friend Tanner Hutsell did a devotional and even selected a few songs for us to sing. One thing I've done a couple times recently is when I introduce a new song to the students I will do it two weeks in a row in order for them to learn it better. It makes me nervous to do this even there there is a purpose, and especially when it is a slow song, probably because I tend to be an over-thinker. We introduced Hillsong United's song "The Stand" last week. We had done the chorus before but never the entire song. So we were doing the song again this week. I sometimes read the expressions of people's faces while I am leading worship. I think everyone at some point should get to experience being on stage during worship in a church service to see the looks on some faces. Some are full of joy, some you can tell really love the song, some are totally worshiping God, some don't want to be there, some don't like the song, and some you just don't know what they are thinking. Well I took a minute to read faces last night during this song and was really blown away. As I looked around it was such a sweet moment of worship for me as a leader. Several students were just singing with their eyes closed, hands were raised, and it seemed as almost everyone was singing with all their heart. Wow what a moment! Definitely one of my favorite times leading the students. We should always experience worship this way as we outwardly express the inward change that God has done in us.

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