Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

We didn't have our regular Wednesday Night Worship service last night so I don't have notes to post today. Instead I just thought I would write out about everything random in my mind right now.

-I totally forgot that the offices were closed today until I pulled in and nobody was here.
-It's kind of nice being in the quiet today
-I really need to wash my Jeep inside and out since it's pretty much green with pollen
-I'll probably need to buy a surgical mask before attempting to clean my Jeep
-Really glad baseball season is back. Watched a couple innings of the Braves last night on tv at my sisters house.
-Still glad we cancelled our satellite a while back
-The San Diego Padres has the ugliest alternate home jersey and away jerseys I have ever seen. They regular home jersey's aren't that bad but the others are just hideous.
-I'm pretty much addicted to playing Animal Crossing online while we have wi-fi at my sister's house.
-I'll probably have wi-fi withdrawals when we go home
-We had a decent turn out for prayer meeting last night but I still can't understand why anyone wouldn't come to that. I guess it's because prayer isn't "exciting" enough to some.
-Even though our student numbers were down last night they still almost outnumbered the adults
-I finished my reading for this semester but still have my final exam to take. I'll be glad to be able to read my Bible at a slower pace for a while and be able to really chew on what I'm studying
-I'm really trying to figure out how to graduate seminar as soon as possible. After this current class I'll only be 1/4 of the way done. I'm trying to figure out how much I can take and it not take away from everything else in life more than it already does.
-I know I always whine when I talk about seminary but I want to be done sooooooooooooo bad
-I'm extremely excited about Disciple Now weekend at the end of this month and am praying for revival to begin in our student ministry and in our church
-I need to start planning major details of my next Wednesday Night series. I know what it's about and it's going to be fun and tough at the same time. A lot of work will go into it, but should be exciting for the students, but at the same time will step on all of our toes.
-I think I'm about to stop working for the day to go out and enjoy some beautiful sunshine.
-I wish I could steal my wife away from work for the evening to enjoy the beautiful sunshine together.
-I'm still amazed at how I "married-up"!
-I really am blessed to have some students in our ministry that truly listen to God's Word, and take what God says through me to heart. Excites me to see God using me in that way and exciting to see God working in their lives!
-One final note: I began reading through the Psalms again as I was reading through Revelation for school. Today I read in Psalm 3:8 in the Message translation that says "Real help comes from God." How often do we read something of that manner, hear it preached, even say it but not believe it?

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