Friday, April 23, 2010

Prom Prayer

Tonight is the prom for some of our local schools. This can be an exciting night for the life of these students, but at the same time has potential to be one of danger. Students will be faced with many temptations. Please pray for students around the nation that will be attending proms tonight and over the next few weeks.

Dear God,

Please bless the students tonight who attend prom. Bless them with a great night that will be full of good memories. Lord at the same time please give students guidance in making wise decisions. I pray that you would use Christian students to take a stand against sin. Give them boldness to say no to whatever opportunities may be presented. Use them to encourage others who may be weak against temptations. Lord place barriers that could possibly turn those who are tempted away from sin. Please protect everyone in travel and give them wisdom in how they drive. God I believe that these things are your desire, and believe that they are possible. I pray that tonight can be a night where students do the right thing which will have an eternal effect. God lead them to go the opposite way of the world. Lord I thank you that I have the opportunity to work and minister to students.

In Jesus Name


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