Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Necessity of Pollen

Kind of an odd title don't you think? We woke up this morning and its been raining and dreary all day. The kind of day where you just really want to stay in bed and do nothing. At the same time though there is a bit of gladness in everyone because of the rain. I'm not sure about other places but right now there is so much pollen that everything is nasty, and everyone is also having allergy problems. The pollen on one of our vehicles was so bad that Sunday they wrote "Wash Me" on it. Pollen is annoying, nasty, and even makes you sick. But there is a need for pollen. It is part of the reproduction cycle of plants. Thats about all I can say because I have very little scientific knowledge or interest. But it is necessary for the pollen to exist or we wouldn't have some of the beautiful plants we get to look at this time of the year. But then it is so sweet when the pollen is washed away with a good rain.

Every time I read some of David's Psalms it really speaks to me. Many times we see David crying out to God for help and relief from the enemies he is facing. I can personally relate sometimes in life how he feels. Now there has never been anyone out to kill me (well at least I don't think so), but I have had people who have opposed me. Opposed my motives, even when biblical, or even other things that are silly such as having my ears pierced. But whenever I or we face these times of opposition its usually during those times that we cling to God. We draw to Him and learn to depend on Him. It may be His will for us to go through these trying times as a test from God. However at the same time it is not His will for the people to cause the problem. But I look at these in relationship to the pollen. We want relief because these times are annoying, nasty, and even make us sick (sometimes physically). But is necessary for the beautiful picture of our growing relationship with God. Then the sweet rain comes when God removes the situation, and we bloom from the experience. If you are going through a hard time right now then hold on, ask God what He would have you learn, and cling to Him to bring you through it. Then when the rain comes rejoice! This is what David does in Psalm 3 when he had fled from his own son Absalom. He begins by crying to the Lord, clinging to Him, but in the end praises God by singing "Salvation belongs to the Lord".

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