Monday, April 19, 2010


In the past months I've written about both Christmas and Easter memories that I have had in my life growing up. Each week at our Sunday night Bible study I begin the night with a random question, pretty much just to get the students discussing and talking before we begin the study. The question usually has no relevance to the lesson but is aimed to get them comfortable talking in the group. This week I asked the question "If all of your memories were erased but two, which two memories would you want to keep". It's a pretty tough question to think about. We got some good answers and then one student even asked if we could forget one memory what it would be, and a few chimed in their response to that also.

I explained that the first memory I would want to keep would be my wedding day but it was a tough choice for my second. I went on to talk about how for some reason I've lost many of my memories growing up. There are seriously parts of my life that I just don't remember any more. It's pretty sad to even think about that for me. I know that my friend Jason and I have talked about how we both have experienced this, and have had similar experiences in life and so we think we may have pinpointed the issue. Without going into detail my experience that I would like to forget is the one thing that I think may have triggered my memories to be clouded and even forgotten. But God has in the past few months done something incredible. I randomly remember some of these forgotten memories. Some are good, some are bad, and some have no relevance to anything and so it's odd that I remember them. Nonetheless I am remembering things that I had forgotten, and I'm so thankful for that.

I had one of these moments this morning as I was getting ready at home. I had a conversation yesterday with a lady about our time of salvation and how it changed us. I talked about how young I was (5 years old) but that I knew that Jesus has saved me. What brought up the discussion was because I played a part of Jason Gray's "For the First Time Again" on my guitar and talked about the story behind the song. It was written because we sometimes go through seasons of needing to remember our salvation experience. We become cold, jaded even and need to remember what it was like when Jesus saved us. It was a nice conversation talking about our experiences. I believe this aided in leading me to a memory this morning. I remember before being saved going through that season of knowing that something was missing in my life, which of course was Jesus. I remember even acting out because of the conviction I was trying to run from. It was a time of my life where I faced confusion, which we know only comes from Satan. My memory is that of one night sitting in bed during this time and my parents were there beside me. I remember my parents praying for me and my dad specifically praying that this confusion would go away from me. This is what would be my second memory that I would want to remember. I know that my parents aren't perfect, and none are. But I know how my parents love me, and how they taught me the necessity of prayer, and praying for others. I can't imagine what my parents must have been going through at this moment as they were praying for me, hoping I would make the decision to accept Jesus. I can't imagine it at all. But I do know the love that they showed me through this, and the example that they set.

I don't know if we will ever have our own children. However if we do, I was taught the importance of praying for you children, and for others. I am so thankful that I have parents that did that for me. I want to encourage you if you have children to pray for them, and teach them about prayer. If you don't have children, still understand the necessity of praying for others. You may not even know what they need prayer about, but allow the Holy Spirit to lead you as you pray for them.

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