Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Memories

I was thinking about doing several Easter memory posts like I did around Christmas but will just make one post. One reason is that I don’t seem to have many Easter memories. I’ve noticed that there are what I call “blacked out” moments in life where I don’t remember much. I understand that this happens when you get older, but too when you’ve suffered from an extremely stressful event which I did several years ago and when that happened some of my memories faded. However it seems that recently I am randomly reminded of memories and so it’s always cool to share those with my wife. Anyway here are few things that stand out about Easter over the course of my life so far.

-When I was about 3 or 4 I won a basket of Easter “stuff” like stuffed animals and other things. I don’t really remember much of what was in the basket. I also know that this is probably the only thing I have ever won in my life.
-This one is silly. I remember once when we were kids that my dad had hidden easter eggs inside the house (it must have been raining outside). We had found them all but one and couldn’t find it when my dad kept saying “I’m blind, I’m blind” hinting that the egg was stuck in the blinds of the window. So if anyone that knows me wonders where I get my silly sense of humor, then there you go it came from my dad.
-I remember when Cadbury eggs were runny on the inside. Today they are more solid. But back then when you ate a Cadbury egg, it was an event because the stuff was all over your face and hands. You even had the option of enjoying it hours later by licking on your face some more.
-When we colored Easter eggs my favorite part was mixing colors to see what I could come up with.
-I have always hated Peeps. I’m not sure there is a memory with me hating them but I felt like I needed to say it. I mean who wants to eat that nastiness?
-I remember enjoying going to sunrise services as a teenager. Enough said.
-My senior year of high school we had baseball practice on Easter Sunday. Coach said we had to since we had very important district games on Monday and Tuesday. However they allowed us to wear shorts as consolation. I even remember the guys who didn’t go to church cussed about us having to practice on Easter Sunday and how terrible it was.
-Our Easter service at Clearwater in 2009. This was the service where my partner and one of my best friends Jason Cribb was introduced as our new associate pastor. I’m very thankful that God led Him here!

What are some of your Easter memories?

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