Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Disciple Now

This weekend will be our students' Disciple Now weekend. I loved being involved in Disciple Now when I was a teenager and I love planning them as well! If you don't know what goes on in a Disciple Now weekend it's this: students are in a home for a weekend Bible study aimed to disciple the students, help them grow their relationship with God, and help them to grow with other students. The theme for this year is Inhabit: Set Apart and is based around Daniel and his friends helping students develop a lifestyle of being in the world without conforming to it.

There will be a kick-off concert Thursday night and a time where students will find out who their group leader is, get to know them, etc. Students will arrive to their host-homes Friday evening and do two sessions. Stay the night and wake up Saturday morning to do two more sessions. Then during the day there will be an event that I will announce at the kick-off this Thursday (along with a hilarious video I'm working on and will post later). Then Saturday night we will be blessed to have a private concert with Jason Gray. Afterward students will go home and have a final wrap-up session. Then students will come to church Sunday morning and then go home.

Please pray for our students this weekend that this will be a life-changing moment for them. I know that God wants to do a mighty work in our students. Pray also for their group leaders as they lead Bible study that God would speak through them. Also pray for Jason Gray as he will be doing the Saturday concert. Pray that God would bless him with safe travel here and back home in Minnesota, as well as that God would pour through him.

Finally here is a little video I made to announce the concert to the students last month.

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