Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Celebration Isn't Over

This past Sunday we celebrated Easter the way we normally do which is everyone together at the Athens Jr High. We do this so we can all be together in one service as well as invite the community. This is not a small task as we have to take everything down from our sanctuary, move out to the school, set up, take back down once the service is over and set back up at Clearwater. It takes a lot of hard work and we counted on Sunday that we had put nearly 30 hours into it. I'm so thankful for the volunteers that serve in this area doing sweat labor that most people have no clue that goes on. It was an incredible service to say the least. Every song lyric, every drum beat and piano note, every electric guitar riff, and every word spoken was incredible and God breathed. This was definitely a great way to celebrate that our Savior and Lord is Risen! On Monday I read a tweet from Pete Wilson, the pastor of Cross Point church in Nashville that said "Imagine the hope and anticipation the follower of Christ had the morning after Easter! This celebration isn't over my friends." After that he re-tweeted a message that said "Has your day been different because of what we celebrated yesterday?" These are some pretty powerful thoughts. The celebration of what Jesus has done for us must continue. Examine your heart and ask yourself: "Am I living my life differently because of what we celebrated on Sunday?" Or was this year maybe just another Easter? I pray that it wasn't and that we will all continue the celebration.

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