Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A New Experience

This weekend I went to watch some of our students play Rugby. McMinn County High School started a Rugby team this year and a few of our students are playing so we went to support them and see how brutal this game would be. Well for starters it was very brutal, several players going down and time being called for them to recover. Also one player was carried off in a stretcher and sent off in an ambulance after he felt a pop in his neck. But anyway I left the game pretty much in awe because it was such an exciting game. It was a new experience for me and so I am now eager for more. I told the students that I wanted to come to any games played at home so let me know when that will be. This got me thinking about how this can be so similar with our walk with Jesus. When we are first saved we are so in awe of the new life we have that all we want is more Jesus. But then over time we get used to it, we become complacent, the newness wears off and it's just not that cool anymore. We may end up seeing our relationship with God as a chore or obligation and when that happens our work for God actually feels like work. This is why it is so important like I talked about yesterday that we must seek to have a fresh encounter with God each and every day. Each time we read, pray, sing, serve, or whatever we need to go about seeking a fresh encounter with God. I believe that if we do so then each time we walk away we can't help but be in awe with the new experience and desire more of God.

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