Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This past week Belinda and I took the opportunity for an extended getaway. We usually treat ourselves to a few days away for our anniversary that was last month. With the busy weekends we were just now able to do so. We spent a couple days in Greenville, SC and then a couple more in Asheville, NC spending some time with some good friends. The best I could tell it had been about 3 weeks without a complete day off so it was way past due for a few. It was great to have these days with my wife, rest, eat some good food, etc. Here is a list of things I discovered, learned, or was just reminded of over the past few days. Some of these are serious, very serious, while others not so much.

  • I must spend more time in prayer
  • I must take more time off, and regularly take my Sabbatical day
  • It will take much more than 5 days away to get rid of the huge bags under my eyes (this has been one of my goals for 2010)
  • I must establish a regular date night with Belinda- its stupid that after 9 years of marriage that we haven’t done this
  • People will not understand or care that we must stick to having this date night
  • I probably consume too much coffee at times- I don’t drink it everyday but when I do I consume it in mass quantities
  • Drivers in South Carolina are as bad and inconsiderate as drivers in Florida
  • The Christian radio station in Greenville, SC plays more Casting Crowns than our local Christian radio station
  • GPS is one of the best tech devices ever created
  • So is the iPod, and pretty much anything made by Apple
  • Cell phones are pretty much the worse devices ever created
  • I’m still glad that we cancelled our Satellite last year because there is still nothing much on tv worth watching
  • There are many things in life I don’t understand and don’t agree with, but I must still depend on God for wisdom and guidance through it all

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lynette said...

hey nathan and belinda. just saying hello and to tell you we really appreciate your willingness to help with crossover. tanner really loves both of you. glad you got some time away.