Monday, March 29, 2010

Following at a Distance

This past week’s Sunday School lesson was about Betrayal and Peter’s denial of Jesus. As I was studying one thing stood out to me that I don’t believe I had ever realized. In Luke 22:54 is states that “Peter was following at a distance”. This suggests that Peter didn’t want to be seen with Jesus. Peter wanted to be close enough to Jesus to see what would happen to him, but far enough away so that he wouldn’t be caught up in the mess of suffering that Jesus would endure. We’ve all seen this type of scenario in movies when the character is following someone, wanting to know what is going on with them but hoping to not be caught in the act of caring. This made me think about our personal relationship with Jesus. Do we do this also? Do we follow Jesus at a distance hoping that we will be close enough to see what is going on and hopefully even receive the blessing or benefit? But at the same time stay distant enough so that we aren’t actually required to do something for him, or at least if we do hopefully nobody will see or notice. Let’s search our hearts today to see if this is the way we follow Jesus. I want to encourage you today to not let thoughts of inadequacy or whatever keep you from following Jesus up close. In the midst of the inadequacy, sin, shortcomings, betrayal, etc. Jesus is waiting to receive you with open arms. Will you run to him and stop following at a distance?

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