Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blogging Is a Call From God

Recently I posted my 100th entry and about how few comments I have had but that for some reason I will continue to blog because I hope to encourage or reach someone through it. Recently I started using Google Analytics to let me know how many people visit this blog each day. I was surprised to find out that more than 2 people were actually reading it! That wasn’t the coolest thing about it though. I think that through this I began to sense this as a part of my calling. Yes, God called me into ministry. Yes, He did call me to be in youth ministry for at least this first tenure in vocational ministry. But at the same time I believe He is leading me to hopefully be an inspiration to others through this blog. That may seem odd and I even know people who would laugh in my face at that statement. The thing is though, God calls us to do things to reach others, and sometimes it may even be in an unorthodox way. In today’s ever-growing technological world why wouldn’t God use me to reach others through a blog? I don’t say that to make me look bigger or better but to make God look bigger because of His creativity. So I guess I post this for two reasons: 1) to say that God has placed blogging as part of my calling in life (even seems odd to say that), and 2) to ask you to look at your life, consider where you are and what all you may be involved in and see what way might God want to use you. If you are a Christian, then God has asked you serve Him not to just make you work, but because He wants to use you. That alone should excite us and make us want to serve Him however He would lead us.

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