Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Too Tough to Swallow

One of my favorite sayings growing up was “the truth hurts”. I’m not really sure why but I remember listing it as such in my “about me” entry for my senior yearbook. I’m not sure that it was something I enjoyed saying, but must have said it a lot (I don’t really remember b/c I’ve seemed to block out a portion of my life during that time). The reality is, the truth does hurt sometimes. I know that I try to keep my mouth shut a lot because I know that I might not present my convictions in the best critical way. I was reminded of how truth from God hurts those who oppose or reject Him. I know this from experience when preaching a tough message that steps on toes and the result is the rejection of it and a negative response back where someone attempts to be hurtful to me. We see this too in what I think is a very sad portion of scripture in John 6. It’s a lengthy chapter at 71 verses but well worth the read. We see in this passage the miracle of Jesus feeding 5000 people with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish! We read that without much thought these days but what a miracle. After this time Jesus teaches that He is the bread of life, that He alone can fulfill your every need. Jesus told them that He is the way to a relationship with God. He tells the people what is probably the most critical information in life for them to know and what do they do? They reject it because they didn’t like it. It wasn’t what they wanted to hear. You can read in verse 66 that many quit following Him at this time. Why? Because the truth hurt. As long as your not living for Jesus then the truth that He is all you need is not going to settle well with you. This is why I’ve also quoted frequently over the past year that “the gospel is offensive to those who reject it”. Consider for a moment if you are offended by the thought of being completely sold out for Christ. If so then my prayer is that your heart would soften and turn toward God.

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