Monday, February 15, 2010

Leadership With Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey came to Athens this past Friday. It’s always neat when someone big comes to the small town. With my background in finance and continued enjoyment of the subject I was excited to go because I had never heard him speak live. The thing is that he didn’t speak on finances, which at first seems crazy. Since he was speaking in part for the Leadership McMinn program here in McMinn County, leadership was the topic he covered. Of course Dave is an incredible speaker and even entertainer at times and this time was no different. Knowing that Dave is a Christian financial advisor and uses Biblical principles it also comes as no surprise that he would do the same when talking about leadership. I was excited to hear him take it to a different level than I had ever heard him on his radio show or videos. He quoted scripture several times during his talk. He talked about the success that his company had when through a turn of events (definitely orchestrated by God) he ended up being promoted on 60 Minutes and Oprah Winfrey in the matter of two weeks, which brought an incredible amount of success. With this his team of about 300 went crazy, and some thought the success came overnight. He had to teach them that the success wasn’t overnight, but was from 15 years of hard work. He gave the following formula to gain unstoppable momentum that will lead to success whether it is in business or personally:

(F + I / T ) (G) = Unstoppable Momentum

Here is what each letter stood for

F- Focus: it’s important to maintain focus. You can’t make decisions based on fear and greed causes you to lose focus.

I- Intensity: You must have intensity and energy

T- Time: it takes time to become a success. He talked about professional athletes and musicians and how they may have natural talent they still log many hours practicing at what they do. It takes 10,000 hours of doing something to become an expert at it!

G- God: he actually said this was a “CAPITAL BIG G”. When you multiply by the infinity that God is, you are capable of much more.

So in a nutshell the formula is “Focused Intensity over Time multiplied by the infinite God leads to Unstoppable Momentum. Pretty awesome thought!

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