Friday, February 5, 2010

Approaching God

We began a new series this week called Crazy Love based on the book by Francis Chan. When we consider being in love sometimes we see people who do crazy things for the person they love. This month I will celebrate 9 years of marriage with Belinda and I love her so much that I would do some pretty crazy things for her. When we were married the two of us became one flesh. I vowed that I would love her for eternity and would do whatever it takes to sustain our relationship. That's also the same case when a person is saved and becomes a Christian. We become one with God. We also make the commitment to do whatever is necessary for God. As I posted a few days ago I was listening to my iPod recently and those song lyrics Here I am ready to give up my life for the One really shook me. It sometimes seems easy for us to sing lyrics like that but not really mean it. But when we become a Christian-a follower of Christ, we commit to do whatever it takes for Him. Now that might seem crazy to the world, and even to some church people, but it isn't crazy when we consider the love that God has for us and the fact that He sent Jesus to die for our sins.

Think for a moment about a time that you might have met someone famous, or if you were to meet someone famous. How would you react? How would you approach them? You might be speechless, in awe, dumbfounded, etc. Now think about how you approach God when you pray. How do the two compare? Which reaction of yours would be greater? Our view of God dictates how we approach Him in prayer. If you were to describe God to someone who did not know Him or wasn't exposed to church, how would you do that? Would you describe Him based on what you have been taught, or by what you have experienced with Him. Since our view of God dictates how we approach Him and pray, then we need to be reminded of scripture where both John and Isaiah see the throne of God.

In Revelation 4 John has a vision of heaven which is pretty remarkable. There were flashes of lightning, thunder, 24 thrones, jasper, etc. This is a pretty awesome picture we see. In Isaiah 6:1-7 we read that Isaiah actually sees God and lives! The robe of God is so big and wonderful that it fills the temple. Smoked filled the temple and when God spoke the foundations shook. Now if you literally saw God like this the very first time what would be your response? That response is how you should approach God in prayer every single time you pray. If you continue on in chapter 6 of Isaiah and read verse 8 we see what Isaiah responds after God asks who will go out for Him. Isaiah says Here I am. That's what it means to have a crazy love for God. To approach Him with reverence and respect, and be willing to do whatever He says we need to do.

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