Monday, January 4, 2010


I've been meaning to post about this and am just now getting to it. On December 27th I was ordained as a minister of the gospel. Or as one of my students put it yesterday I was "ordinated" which sounds so much cooler than "ordained". However it was an incredible day that I will forever cherish in my heart. It was tough answering some of the questions asked but was it was a good challenge. In the service I was able to select two songs for us to sing. I chose "Son of God" by Lincoln Brewster and "You Gave Your Life Away" by Paul Baloche. I actually played with the band on Son of God so that was fun. My good friend and Associate Pastor gave the charge in the service. He really encouraged me and challenged me in my walk with God and in my ministry. It was such an honor to have him do this. My brother in law Jamie gave the ordination prayer and had some sweet things to say about me. Then the ordained men laid hands on me and prayed, which was such a humbling experience. These men had some of the sweetest and encouraging words for me. I could write on and on about the awesome experience this day was for me and will truly forever cherish this day of my life.

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