Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Are You Waiting on an Angel?

Last night I couldn't sleep so I decided to get up and do some reading. I guess the fact that I had slept 11 hours the previous night (to catch up from only 3 hours the night before that) made my body think I didn't need as much sleep. Its a vicious cycle that takes place in my life. Now to my point, I was reading in Acts 12:6-19, which is a pretty incredible read. We see an awesome moment where Peter is led out of prison by an angel, an act that could only come from God's provision. As I read it this time it made me think to why I have never experienced something this awesome. Now of course the most awesome and incredible moment in my life was when Jesus saved me, and that outweighs this instance. But I've never experienced anything else remotely close to this. Then I thought, I've also never been in prison for preaching the gospel. As I thought about all this I had to ask myself a question, do I even live my life in a way that is worthy of such blessings. I want to serve Jesus boldly like the apostles did, but I'm not sharing Jesus without fear like them. I'm not taking all the steps necessary to put myself in that type of position. This led me to another question: Do I even want to be that close to God? I think we (and I include myself) don't desire to be that close to God where we might have an encounter like this. Probably because we are afraid of the cost. The cost of serving God. So how about you? Are you serving God whole-heartedly or are you waiting on an experience with an angel to jump start you? If you are waiting on that, then I'm afraid you are going to let too many opportunities pass you by.

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Jorie Cribb said...

I love these questions - very good place to start the new year.

maybe we think if we really get that close to Him then He won't fit the box we've shoved Him in...and if we can't explain Him and put a nice little tidy bow on Him, that makes us uncomfortable. b/c we like everything to be reasonable and explainable.

And knowing Him fully - we would without question follow hard after Him like the apostles did, wouldn't we? So maybe that's why we don't. Like you said we are afraid of the cost.

Good things to ponder. thnx!!!