Thursday, December 17, 2009

That's What Christmas Is All About!

We wrapped up the series titled "A Better Than Perfect Christmas" this week by taking a look at what this season is really all about. There are so many things in life where we have missed the mark as humans, Christians, and the church in general and this is one of those areas. We must not only take a look at the scripture of Jesus' birth, but allow it to move us to action, to live for Him and to serve Him. I heard a story this week of a local school teacher who read her students "The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever" and half of her students had never heard of the story of baby Jesus or knew that it is what Christmas is about.

After our time of worship, Paul Gentry opened up by rocking out his guitar to "Christmas Time is Here" while we watched the video of the Peanuts gang ice skating and going about as they do in the movie. At the end of the video everything got quiet as Linus quoted from Luke 2:8-14 and ended with this statement "That's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown". So going along with that we looked at the Who, What, and Why of Christmas.

1) Who - Who did Jesus come for?
When we look at verse 10 it tells us that the good news the angels were delivering to the shepherds was for "all the people". This means it is for everyone! For you and everyone you love and care for and those you think are good people, and even those people who you despise and can't stand. He came for everyone, period! It wouldn't have been good news if He only came for some people.

2) What - What did Jesus come to do?
Romans 5:6-9 tells us that Jesus came to die for you (and everyone like I previously mentioned). He came to be the substitution of death that we deserved and were headed for. He came to save us from the wrath of God that is real because of our sin, because sin angers God and it should anger us too. He not only suffered a brutally terrible death, He carried the weight of every person's sin that they have ever committed or ever will commit for all of eternity on earth. That's a whole lot of sin! The thought of that should make us want to live our lives for Him!

3) Why - Why did Jesus come to die?
To demonstrate His love for us. Because He loves us. Why would He love me? I don't know but He does and that drives me to serve Him. We show others we love them by giving them presents at Christmas. He gave us His life which is the greatest gift we could ever receive. He left His perfect home in heaven, took on human form, suffered the greatest sufferings imaginable- all to show us that He loves us and to give us life through Him!

We closed the night with prayer time as we listened to the song "How Many Kings" by Downhere. The lyrics to this song are incredible as they challenge us to consider that Jesus was the only king, leader, lord, etc. that gave up His life for all mankind. The best way that I can consider the love of Jesus is like this: If I (or you) were the only person in history throughout all the billions and billions of humans who ever needed a savior, then Jesus still would have come to earth in human flesh and died the same terrible death for me. I truly believe that because I know that's how much God loves me and you. This love that has been displayed for us is what Christmas is all about!

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