Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Memories Part 2

Another one of my favorite Christmas memories takes places after Belinda and I were married a few years. In 2004 we decided to go to Disneyworld the week before Christmas as our present to each other. We love going to Disneyworld, it's probably our favorite vacation place. It's great to go before Christmas because it's the value season and so we can afford it and it's not crowded until the week of Christmas. So we went and enjoyed our time. It was kind of odd wearing shorts in December but I loved it. We headed back home on the 23rd so we would be able to actually spend Christmas at home and spend time with family. We left Florida that morning and I was in shorts since it was so warm, but as we headed closer to Tennessee the temperature started to drop- quite drastically for us since we had been experiencing warm weather. As we got closer to home I finally had to confess to Belinda- "I just can't stand not buying you a present for Christmas!" She said she felt the same way and so we stopped at Wal-Mart about an hour before we got home. I had to put on pants in the parking lot because it was freezing cold to us. Then we went into Wal-Mart, split up and went our separate ways, and did some quick shopping with something like a $30 max we decided upon. I got her the "Indiana Jones" trilogy and she got me a season of "Boy Meets World" on DVD. It was a pretty fun crazy night, and definitely a good Christmas memory!

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