Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Memories Part 1

I thought I would take some time over the next week to post some of my favorite Christmas memories. I love the Christmas season and I always like to think back on some of my favorite times growing up and after I was married as well as making new ones.

I think one of the funniest ones is probably also one of my first memories of Christmas. I was either 3 or 4 years old and at the time He-Man was my favorite toy and cartoon. I remember waking up and that morning I received what had to be the ultimate He-Man toy collection. It included Castle Grayskull (for anyone who remembers the series) and tons of figures. One thing that stands out about that memory is that my mom and dad went back to bed and I remember I kept going into their room to show them things about my toys and they were asleep. Come to find out as I got older I was informed that I had woken everyone up around 3:00 am to go through our Christmas festivities! That is why my parents were so tired. I hate that I woke them up so early but it sure was a good time playing with those toys, and a great memory!

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