Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where's Your Allegiance

As we continued the Follow the Leader this week we focused on allegiance. How do you know if someone is a Christian or not? How do people know if you are a Christian? If we are a follower of Jesus then it should imply action- and that our actions imply it. When I think of allegiance for some reason I think of how the Nazi's were devoted to Hitler. They believed his ways were right and so they devoted their lives to him. They denied personal control to follow his leadership. This is exactly what Jesus is saying we should be like if we are a follower of Him in Luke 9:23. Sometimes in this world there is a difference in belief and action. We say we believe one thing but don't act like it. If we believe God's Word then we should act like it. Some take different paths when it comes to allegiance and their actions don't line up with what they say they believe. We looked at the following 3 types of allegiance.

Selective Allegiance
This is when people show allegiance to God in areas that match up with their desires, goals, and pursuits as long as it takes them in the direction they are already going. These people have this mentality- "I'll follow you God but don't ask for my allegiance to the degree that will mess with my life and the way I want it to be. I'm a Christian but don't ask me to forgive people when they hurt me, don't ask me to stop having pre-marital sex, and don't ask me to treat people like Jesus would." My fear is that these people are why its so hard to minister to lost and unchurched people today. Jesus makes it very clear in Revelation 3:16 that he pukes these people up because they are so disgusting to Him.

Qualified Allegiance
This is when people say they follow God as long as He does what He says He will do. But the moment that God doesn't answer a prayer the way they want or in the time frame they want then they're out. These people treat God like a waiter- they'll give a good tip as long as they're served the way they think they deserve. The thing is- God doesn't owe us anything but His love, mercy, and grace surround us!

Divided Allegiance
This is when people say they'll follow God and (fill in the blank). Its like having 2 favorite baseball teams- eventually they have to play each other and you'll have to choose. In Mark 10 the rich young ruler was told by Jesus that in order to follow Him that he needed to sell everything and give to the poor. The man was sad because he was rich and didn't want to give that up to follow Jesus.

Our allegiance is tested often. You may have your allegiance tested today. So how do people know if you're a Christian or not? Is it because of your beliefs? Or because your actions show that you truly follow Christ?

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